The Power of Long-Term Investment: Why Patience Pays

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Stephen O'Driscoll

At MyWealthManagement, we firmly believe that achieving the best returns from your investments hinges on a crucial principle: it’s not about timing the market but about the time you spend in the market. Patience truly pays off! Investors who stay committed through various market cycles ultimately fare better than those attempting to predict the perfect moments to buy and sell, often missing out on significant gains.

Take, for example, the performance of a global stock market index like the MSCI World Index over the past 20 years. It clearly illustrates that avoiding the worst days often means missing out on some of the best returns. While it’s challenging to grasp during periods of market volatility, where investments may temporarily lose value, the long-term perspective is key.

At MyWealthManagement, we emphasise the importance of only investing when you have a solid emergency fund and sufficient day-to-day funds. This ensures you can weather short-term market fluctuations without needing to withdraw your investments prematurely. The worst time to cash out is during a market downturn. A robust emergency fund allows you to leave your investments untouched, giving them the necessary time to recover and achieve capital growth. Historically, some of the best years for investments have followed some of the worst.

By maintaining a long-term perspective and ensuring financial stability in the short term, you position yourself to reap the rewards of sustained market growth. The graphic below from New Ireland demonstrates the undeniable power of staying invested for the long haul, reinforcing the value of patience in the world of investments.

Global Stock Markets Performance Image
Global Stock Markets Performance from 31/03/2004 to 31/03/2024

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