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At MyWealthManagement, we take the time to understand your specific financial goals, your attitude to risk and answer any questions you may have. Building insights from your feedback, we provide you with a range of options to help enhance your financial well-being. We offer superior investment funds, savings, and deposit options for individuals and companies all across Ireland.

In the current environment of low-interest rates and high inflation, funds left in traditional banking institutions may essentially earn 0%, ultimately causing a decline in real value over time and reducing your purchasing power in the long run.

MyWealthManagement prioritises optimising your money’s potential and allocating your resources in the most efficient way to not only maximise your wealth but more importantly to protect it. This is particularly important in times of high inflation like we have faced over the last number of years.Our commitment is to explore the most suitable options for you available in the market. We can offer advice and the management of existing investments and deposits for clients. We offer an independent audit and review service to evaluate performance, suitability, risk and charges.

As you will see below, MyWealthManagement offers savings and investment advice on the best options for:

– Long Term Capital Growth & Capital Protection
– Emergency Funding
– Saving for your first home or next big purchase
– Investing for your children’s education
– Tax incentive investment schemes

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Did You Know…


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Lump Sum Investment Bonds & Deposit Options

At MyWealthManagement, we understand the profound impact that strategic investing, particularly leveraging the power of compound interest, can have on building long-term wealth and mitigating the adverse effects of inflation. Our comprehensive approach aims to cater to both seasoned investors seeking to optimise their portfolios and individuals who are taking their initial steps into the realm of investments.

For those with a lump sum ready for investment, we offer personalised assistance in exploring diverse options across varying risk and return levels. Whether you are a seasoned investor looking to fine-tune your portfolio or someone taking their first steps into the world of investments, we are committed to guiding you through the process of determining the best fit for your specific needs.

Understanding the significance of compound interest, we emphasise its role in wealth accumulation over time. By reinvesting the returns generated from your investments, you can benefit from compounding, which involves earning returns not just on your initial investment but also on the accumulated returns. This dynamic strategy contributes significantly to the growth of your wealth over the long term.

Moreover, we recognise the impact of inflation on the purchasing power of your money. Through strategic investment planning, we aim to help you stay ahead of inflation and ensure that your wealth preserves its real value. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge and tools needed to make your money work harder for you, fostering financial security and prosperity for you and your family.

To embark on your Personal Financial Review and take the first step towards achieving your financial goals, please click here.

Education Planning & Saving

In the pursuit of providing an optimal future for their children, young and growing families often prioritise education as a key focus. Recognising this, MyWealthManagement recommends a proactive approach to saving for your children’s education by starting an easy access investment plan early on. This strategy not only ensures financial flexibility but also facilitates the potential for significant growth over time, thanks to the power of compound interest.

Our advice is centered around the idea that starting to save for education early can make a substantial difference in securing the necessary funds and possibly avoid the need for borrowing later on. An easy access savings or investment plan is a versatile solution that allows parents to increase or decrease contributions at any time, ensuring that the savings strategy aligns seamlessly with changing financial circumstances. Furthermore, the assurance that funds are always accessible without penalties provides an additional layer of flexibility, offering peace of mind to parents navigating the uncertainties of the future.

Compound interest, a fundamental principle in wealth accumulation, is particularly impactful in the context of saving for education. Even small monthly contributions can generate substantial returns over time, thanks to the compounding effect. By reinvesting the returns generated from the initial contributions, parents can witness the exponential growth of their education savings, potentially surpassing what might be achieved through traditional savings methods. We want to see our clients earning interest on their savings now and not paying it back in the form of a loan later in life.

Click here to initiate the process and take the first step toward a tailored savings plan that aligns with your aspirations for your children’s educational journey.

Corporate Savings & Investments

For business owners and companies, the strategic investment of excess funds can yield substantial benefits, and MyWealthManagement is here to offer tailored solutions to maximise those advantages. Our easy access cash funds present a lucrative opportunity, enabling business owners to potentially earn superior returns compared to traditional retail banks. This is a significant advantage, especially in a business landscape where optimising financial resources is paramount.

The flexibility inherent in our easy access funds allows business owners to maintain liquidity while simultaneously earning a competitive return. Unlike traditional retail banks, where returns may be limited, our investment options open avenues for enhanced profitability on surplus business funds. The ability to earn more on idle cash positions contributes to overall financial health and resilience.

MyWealthManagement provides a diversified range of financial instruments, including fixed-term deposit accounts and risk-based investment bonds. These options cater to different risk appetites and investment goals, allowing business owners to align their investment strategy with the specific needs and circumstances of their company. MyWealthManagement empowers business owners to navigate the complexities of the financial market, making informed decisions to secure a better financial future for their companies. Whether it’s the accessibility of easy cash funds or the stability of fixed-term deposits and investment bonds, our comprehensive offerings ensure that business funds are not just stored but actively working to generate value over time.

To explore how MyWealthManagement can optimise your business’s financial position and potentially enhance returns on excess funds, we invite you to connect with us. Click here to start the process.

Regular Saver

Is your bank deposit account yielding minimal interest? Consider a more dynamic approach with our Easy Access Regular Savings Plan, spreading your savings across a range of investment funds based on your risk tolerance. Benefit from euro-cost-averaging, reducing market volatility impact and emphasising the importance of time in the market over timing. What sets this plan apart is not only its potential for substantial returns and flexible access to your savings but also its role in safeguarding your funds against inflation.

Want to save consistently for at least five years, earn potential returns, and maintain flexible access to your savings? Please click here to start your Personal Financial Review and explore a strategy that makes your money work harder for you.

To see how much college education costs, try this Cost of Education Calculator

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Financial Review

What Our Clients Say

With little to no knowledge of the options available for managing or maximising the potential of my old company pension schemes, Wealth Manager Stephen O’Driscoll walked me through my options, provided a generous amount of reading material to gain a better understanding, and discussed the pros and cons in detail. With his help we were able to identify suitable funds for my risk appetite, and for my long term financial planning objectives. By transferring my old schemes to a Personal Retirement Bond I now can avail of earlier access to my pension from age 50 instead of 65. Stephen also helped me in setting up a regular monthly savings plan to assist with my long term goals, and help my funds keep pace with inflation. I would be delighted to refer any friend or colleague to MyWealthManagement, or to anyone looking for financial planning advice or Wealth Management advice.
Eimear O'Neill
Revenue Deals - Google

We met Stephen O’Driscoll in MyWealthManagement to set up a pension scheme for our management team ahead of auto-enrolment coming into force and we had a great experience. No jargon, simple English and he explained our options very well. I would recommend any business owners who are unsure of their options to get in touch if you want honest, straightforward advice.

Team Serve Limited
Event Management Cork

I met Stephen O’Driscoll to complete a financial planning consultation in 2023. I had several different pension arrangements with a few different providers. Stephen walked me through the options for my old pensions and helped draw down my tax free lump sum as soon as I passed my 60th birthday. He helped reduce my annual management charges and get access to funds with a suitable risk level for me and my goals. I was happy with the service and would recommend Stephen and MyWealthManagement to anyone approaching retirement to do an independent review of their pensions.

Kevin O'Neill
Accounting and Tax Advisor

Myself and my husband met Stephen O’Driscoll in 2023 to do a full financial planning consultation. After doing a full financial review Stephen was able to advise us on the best options for some property we owned and identified that my old occupational pension scheme charges and performance were not where they should be. Stephen highlighted the different options for my existing scheme, he helped me to find a new more suitable provider at great charges and told me that in this new arrangement I can access my pension money from age 50 if I wanted to. Stephen also set us up with a regular monthly savings plan to fund for the future in an account that will help my funds work harder for me and hopefully earn a great return over time. I would happily recommend Stephen and the team in the South Mall to anyone looking to review their finances.

Niamh Sammon
Operations Manager - Urban Green Private

I met Stephen in the MyWealthManagement office on the South Mall in Cork in July 2023 to review my old pension schemes. He did a full review of fund choice, performance and scheme charges. By doing a review of all the providers on the market Stephen was able to find me an option which had better performance over time and significantly lower charges than my previous supplier. Stephen was also able to assist me with the setup of a regular monthly savings plan to save for the future and for children’s future education costs. I would be happy to recommend MyWealthManagement to a friend or colleague who wants financial planning or Wealth Management advice.

Pat Fitzpatrick
Author and Comedian

Having left my old employment in 2023 I was unsure of what my options for my occupational pension scheme were and was concerned about leaving it in the hands of my previous employer. Stephen O’Driscoll, one of the Wealth Managers, was able to explain to me the different options in a simple way and was able to place my funds in a scheme where I could take a large lump sum tax free from the age of 50. He also set up a regular monthly savings plan for me that will help me earn a return over time better than what I could get in the banks in order to protect my funds from inflation. I have recommended Stephen and MyWealthManagement to a few friends and family members as its well worth doing

Karen Lehane
R&D Technician - Pepsi

Stephen O’Driscoll guided me through the options for my old occupational pension scheme, helped me to identify suitable funds for my risk profile and investment objectives and also enabled me to avail of access to my pension pot from as early as age 50! In addition Stephen assisted me with the setup of a regular monthly savings plan that helps add structure to my finances and helps my funds keep pace with inflation by targeting a modest return over time. I would be happy to recommend Stephen and MyWealthManagement to anyone looking for professional and trustworthy financial planning advice.

Ben Leacock
Leading Mid-Market - Deel

A sincere thank you to Sinead, Siobhan and Joey. You have all made this process so easy for us. Thanks to you and the team, we will be moving in to our new home a lot sooner than we ever thought. You all took all the stress out of the process, keeping us informed every step of the way. It was evident from the very beginning that the team at was working with our best interests in mind, and delivered exceptional service from start to finish. I honestly do not think we would be at this stage without the help you have all given us along the way. It’s greatly appreciated

Alison Walsh
Wedding Planner

Unhappy with the premium I was paying on my life policies, I had read about people switching their policies to a new provider and making significant savings, so I made enquiries at and was so impressed with the team who answered all my questions. I now have a much lower premium rate and the whole process was so organised and efficient. The team are highly skilled at determining the client’s position and makes the appropriate recommendations.

Ernest Cantillon

Joey and the team were very helpful throughout the process for our life policy.   We felt very comfortable with the decisions made and knew from the first conversation that we were in safe hand this time round. We have recommended to numerous colleagues & friends.

Dr Billy Waters
Dental Implant & Restorative Dentistry